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Explore Fiskardo
Fiskardo is located at the tip of the Erissos peninsula in the north of Κefalonia. With its pretty bay, fishing boats, Venetian-style houses and waterfront taverns, it’s a truly picturesque harbor village one to rival any in the Mediterranean.

Discover the region

During the day, you can disappear off to one of the various beaches nearby, explore the local region on foot, bicycle or on coast-line by boat.
The use of the motor boat completes the whole Fiscardo experience, offering a unique and unusual opportunity to explore the region from a different vantage point.
These small motor boats come with our highest recommendation as they allow guests to explore in person the coast line around Fiscardo and many hidden beaches inaccessible by vehicle.
In addition hiring a boat will even enable you to visit the nearby island of Ithaca.

Included in the price are: lifejackets, ice box and mobile phone.
Almyra Hotel provides upon request with a PICNIC basket including a sandwich, fresh fruit and refreshments.
For your convenience we recommend to pre-book the motor boat.
No driving license is required.

Walks & Treks

The Erissos peninsula offers breathtaking scenery, and it’s a paradise for walkers. There is nothing better than rambling along the coastline through the cypress-tree-clad mountains.
Here is a small selection of our favorites walks depending upon how far you wish to walk:
  • Lighthouses and old Christian Basilica (level: easy, distance: 3klm return, duration: 30 min.)
  • Dafnoudi beach (level: medium, distance: 6.4 klm, duration: 1hr 45min)
  • Fiscardo Harbor to Manganos via Evretti & Tselentata (level: medium, distance: 9.8 klm, duration: 2 hr)
  • Mount Aenos (distance: 54.1 km, duration 1hr 45min from Fiscardo by car plus 2hrs – walk)
  • Mount Aenos is the highest peak in the Ionian Sea located in the south of the island.


Fiscardo is idyllic situated with some of the loveliest beaches in Kefalonia near Almyra Hotel.


The most popular local beach was a cypress tree forest slopes downs gently towards the turquoise waters. Emblissi beach is a 10 minute walk from Almyra Hotel. Almyra provides daily a complimentary mini-bus shuttle service to its guest from Emblissi beach to the hotel at 16.00.


It’s the prettiest beach of all the entire island. The fact that it’s accessible only by car or by foot probably explains why it’s so special. It's about a 4 klm drive from Almyra to the start of the Dafnoudi’s beach walking track in Antipata. The track is 600 meters from the beach through leafy bush land. At the end of the track the bush land clears to reveal a breathtaking scene – crystal – clear blue sea and a deep stretch of pristine white pebbles surrounded by evergreen vegetation.


The picturesque Foki beach is about a 20 minute walk from Fiscardo car park. The olive grove behind the beach adds to the beauty of the bay and also provides a welcome shade. Across the road there is a nice family tavern.


Captain’s Corelli beach. Driving towards Sami you will see signs for the famous and picturesque horse-shoe shaped beach. Surrounded by fir-tree-clad hills and the spectacularly clear waters Antisamos bay is excellent for snorkelers.


Myrtos is one of the most famous beaches of Greece. Its dramatic cliff formation and amazing view to the sea will capture your breath. Myrtos is a 27 klm drive from Almyra Hotel.
The Assos region and walk to the venetian castle
Assos is an idyllic small harbor and it has managed to retain its authenticity and original charm.
It’s located only twenty kilometers away from Fiskardo and is easily reached either by car or taxi. Assos itself’ is simply breathtaking, with its colorful Venetian homes hugging a tiny isthmus connecting it the most photographed peninsula in all the Ionian Islands.
Towering above the village is a Venetian fortress atop the rocky peninsula, with a perimeter that follows every contour of the jagged terrain.
The absolute highlight of visiting Assos is to walk along this old Venetian footpath running along the rugged coastline of the peninsula.


Forests - Mount Ainos

Kefalonia is the biggest Greek island in the area of the Ionian Sea and Mount Ainos is the highest mountain in the same area, with an altitude that surpasses 1,600 m. Mount Ainos is well known not only for its altitude but also due to its dense forest of Kefalonian fir trees (Abies cephalonica), which dominate at the upper altitudes.
This species is endemic to Greece and was described for the first time in the same region. In the area three different habitats can be discerned: the fir tree forest, which can be pure or at lower altitudes be mixed with elements of maquis (Arbutus ssp. Quercus ssp. etc.), the rocky or pebbly slopes which are characterized by more sparse vegetation and on which one can often come across interesting floral elements and the rocky peaks and the non-forested upper regions of Mount Ainos, on which several endemic plants of Kefalonia or the Ionian Islands can be found.
The area has been designated as a National Park.
The fir forest of Mount Ainos as an ecosystem and as a natural heritage is of particular significance as it is the only one of its kind in the Ionian region. It is also noted that the significance of this forest lies in the genetic pureness of the species Abies cephalonica, since in mainland areas of Greece, where this species can also be found, it is often crossbred with the Balkan fir species Abies borisii-regis. Mount Ainos is important from a biogeographically point of view since on its slopes and peaks endemic plant species can be found.
Also, the spread patterns of several plant species which are found in the area indicate close biogeographical ties between the Greek and Italian peninsulas.

Mellisanthi Cave

MELISSANTHI CAVE is located not far from Karavomilo. It is a lacustrine cave of unique beauty and fully developed cave, which are 3.5 km long, 40m wide and 36m high. Melissanthi cave constitutes a unique geological phenomenon. It was created by a mechanical and chemical process called karstikopoiisi (dissolution of rocks) during which water enters the calcareous rocks, erodes them and creates hollows.
The underground Melissanthi Lake was discovered in 1951 by paleontologist Gianni's Petrochilos. A big part of its roof has fallen down revealing an amazing sight. During antiquity the lake was a place of worship dedicated to Pan and Nymph Melissanthi. Myths mention that Melissanthi committed suicide and fell in the lake because Pan was not responding to her love for him.
The lake includes also an islet on which archeologist S. Marinatos discovered Pan's sanctuary. The findings are at present in the Archeological Museum of Argostoli. These findings include a clay figure of Pan, a clay disc depicting dancing nymphs, a clay plate depicting the procession of nymphs and a small plate with a woman figure relief.
Visitors reach the lake by an underground tunnel and have the opportunity to explore it with a boat and a guide. Therefore, they can admire this unique natural work of sculpture created by the stalactites and the crystal blue-green color of the waters.
Gentillini Winery Visits

Gentillini winery is a modern winery and organically certified estate vineyards on kefalonia who worth to visit.
Kefalonia is the only Ionian island to have been granted ‘’appellation of origin’’ for its wines and has not only one but three: Robola, Muscat and Mavrodafne.
The Gentillini vineyards are located near the village of minies in Kefalonia at 50-60 meters above sea level.
This world acclaimed winery has been at the forefront of winemaking in Greece since its first vintage in 1984.
All the steps that go into the making of these fine wines, vineyard management to bottling and marketing, are overseen and controlled by the husband and wife team of Petro's Markantonatos and Marianna Cosmetatos, the daughter of the founder.
In 2010 Gentilini Robola was the only Greek wine to be included in the wine enthusiastic top 100 wines of the world.
Visiting Gentillini you have the opportunity to taste different wines and chose a private or group tour of the winery with the producers.
The tours and the tastings are free.

Opening hours.

Tastings: Monday-Saturdays 10.30-2.30 and 5.30 -8.30. June 1th –September 15th tours and tastings by the producers by appointment by calling Marianna at 6932718730.(5.30-8.30)

Directions Gentillini is located on the main road Argostoli-airport 2km past Lassi and the white rocks hotel.